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Vanlife hacks: How to live and travel easier!

"It's the little things that make the big difference." In camping, it's the mini-life hacks that make living and traveling in a van simpler and more enjoyable.

We have compiled a ranking of these, for example.

Place 1 vanlife hacks: dry toilet

Scene in forest, folding camping chair with leaning shovel and toilet paper

First things first, everyone has to go. When the sanitary facilities were closed during the pandemic, all campers had to be self-sufficient. So it was a prerequisite to have your own toilet on board. Apart from that, the toilet in the bus is always handy. Or do you want to go out at night in wind and weather? Also the spade-burying action is not everyone's cup of tea and the forest is not always within easy reach.

Anyone who has already had experience with a Separating toilet will not give it away again. It works completely without water, is very hygienic and protects the environment.

The compact black Eurobox is equipped with two separate containers - a leak-proof canister to collect the urine and a container for the "big business". The very separation of large and small prevents odor-causing ammonia from forming.

If you put a compostable bag in the container for the solid waste, it is even easier to dispose of it and keep your toilet clean. Simply remove the bag and its contents - feces, toilet paper and litter - and throw it in the trash.

What you need the bedding for? It absorbs moisture and also prevents odors from developing. You can either empty the urine canister into the nearest toilet or pour it diluted into the forest.

With the separation toilet you have a sustainable alternative to the chemical toilet. To decompose your waste, the tanks are filled with chemicals. The result is a smelly all kinds of broth that you have to dispose of specially, which is often disgusting. You can solve these problems with a separation toilet.

2nd place vanlife hacks: pocket shower + all-in-one detergent

Man showering at the camper with a pocket shower outside.

Let's stay on the topic of hygiene when it comes to the next hacks.

A pocket shower is nothing more than a black bag with a shower. This allows you to store the shower space-saving and always have the opportunity to feel really fresh and clean again - without having to drive to extra campsites or queue for showers. Simply fill the bag with water, let the sun heat the water and enjoy your shower in the open air.

Because your shower water seeps directly into the ground, you need biodegradable shower gel and shampoo. Instead of taking lots of individual products with you, it's worth looking for all-in-one solutions. This way you have shower gel, shampoo, detergent and rinsing agent in one.

3rd place vanlife hacks: multifunctional bed

Couple with dog lying in bed in camper.

So that you have enough space in your campervan and can still sleep comfortably for two, a pull-out bed is the perfect solution. This allows you to push the bed together and use it as a couch during the day. The space underneath is suitable for more storage space.

To build your own pull-out bed, you can check out the DIY tutorials on YouTube.

Rank 6 vanlife hacks: water filter to go

Man filters and pumps water from mountain lake into his drinking bottle.

So that you can fill up your water bottles and water canisters with germ-free free water at any time, a water filter to go is one of the life hacks you should not do without.

Rank 4 of the vanlife hacks: storage boxes and labeler

Woman's hands sticking a printed label on which the word "pasta" is written on a transparent box of pasta.

Clear plastic storage boxes.

A labeling device seems unimportant at first, but it helps to keep order in the camper. If you have everything labeled and know where what belongs, then you can find your way easier, because you do not have to open each box to see what's inside . You can see it directly on the label. Especially if you are traveling as a couple or with friends, this is a cool hack.

Additionally, if you use storage boxes , your things are grouped together and you avoid having to rummage through the entire compartment looking for the right garment.

So storage boxes and a labeler are among the tips and tricks to prevent chaos from breaking out in your campervan.

Rank 6 vanlife hacks: camping stove

If you are traveling longer in your campervan, you may want to expand your cooking options. So you can cook your favorite dishes from the oven also on the road. How about casseroles, pizza or cakes, for example?

Simply described, the camping oven is a three-piece mold designed so you can bake over the fire or on your gas stove. Definitely something that will enrich your camping kitchen.

Conclusion Camper Life Hacks

Even if you can macgywern a lot of things while camping, you need good solutions for some problems in advance - especially for situations that are commonplace, otherwise they might annoy you with time.

In this article, you have been given a few life hacks on how to...

  • ... the dry toilet makes your vanlife more pleasant.

  • ... shower without queuing for it at campsites goes.

  • ...a pull-out bed combines the needs of comfortable sleeping and more space.

  • ... You can filter water from nature for free.

  • ... a labeler and storage boxes for order.

  • ... you can prepare your favorite dishes like casseroles, cakes and co. with your camping oven even on the road.


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